Got Datacenter?

Then you have increasing power costs and pressing constraints. Ampient creates software that can reduce your data center power consumption. Our new technologies increase the efficiency and utilization of your data center investments. You can realize large cost-savings ROI's without interfering with your existing operations or processes. We make it easy.


Solve Your Power Problems

Ampient is a green data center company. We solve power consumption and power-related problems in large data centers, those with over 1,000 servers. Ampient software and web services help operations managers reduce power and facilities upgrade costs. Ampient also helps IT managers reduce downtime risk due to power issues. Our technology is agent-less, mobile-accessible, intuitive, secure, scalable, and simple.

If you are an operations manager for a large data center, then we can help you save costs. A lot. If you are an IT manager, then we can help you worry less about power-related failures. Either way, we'd love to help.

Ampient, where Knowledge is Power.