Leverage Your Existing Processes

Ampient reports give you data to make your existing processes more efficient. These reports uncover hidden capacity in your data centers. In particular, there are two processes that yield the most savings. The first process is Server Deployment, which covers both new servers and also the typical 3-5 year upgrade/refresh cycle. The second process is Server Procurement. Although we focus on servers here, Ampient reports can also be used for other equipment, such as storage and network gear.

Ampient reports let you balance rack loading to get more out of your existing racks, circuits, HVAC, and related facilities. These reports also let you more accurately allocate procurements and new deployments, resulting in greater utilization of power-related facilities. By uncovering excess capacity, you can book immediate amortized facilities savings in the first year. These can dwarf the already substantial electrical utility savings from Ampient software.

Ampient read-only power data collection drives automatic Ampient report generation. Ampient reports drive existing processes to use hidden capacity. Then those same reports are used to recognize the savings internally, and to get rebates from external utility providers. In terms of implementation costs, servers do not need to be powered down or rebooted. And there are no server software agents to install and maintain.


Ampient Savings

With Ampient you can increase power and facility utilizations by 15% or more. For a typical large data center, this really adds up. The following table shows estimated total savings for a 15% efficiency improvement, assuming the initial efficiency is average (PUE=2.0 or efficiency=50%). The table shows a partial total savings for a five-year period.

Total Facility Power (kW) PUE=2.0 Total Savings (Facilities+Electrical)
Ampient - Knowledge is Power
1,000 $7,125,000
2,000 $14,250,000
3,000 $21,375,000
4,000 $28,500,000
5,000 $35,625,000
6,000 $42,750,000
7,000 $49,875,000
8,000 $57,000,000
9,000 $64,125,000
10,000 $71,250,000

Big savings. Low managements costs. Non-interference. Large ROI. That's the Ampient solution.

Ampient, where Knowledge is Power.